AuMed : Improving Patient Outcome with 3D Technologies

About AuMed

Au stands for Aurum – meaning gold in Latin, and at the heart of our mission is to complement the gold standards of healthcare to bring out the best of advanced technologies to enable the transfer of risks from patients to our products.

At AuMed, we provide:

  • medical simulators for surgical procedures
  • task training models
  • educational models
  • customized models
  • demonstration models for medical devices

Our medical models come with unprecedented cutting-edge realism for pre-surgical planning, enhance medical device demonstrations, or carrying out realistic hands-on educational training.

Enhanced preparedness is key in reducing patients’ risks, and AuMed is driven by our vast expertise and the pursuit of excellence to unlock the full quality of life through our innovative products.

Over 5 years of accumulative expertise in providing innovation
Over 80 ++ completed cases for our clients and counting