Realistic Representation of Diseases

Realistic Representation of Anatomy and Diseases

Derived from DICOM, customized simulators are produced in carefully formulated material designs, to provide, as close to being real as possible, the tactile sensation when working with the models complete with subtle visuals.

Structures from soft tissues and muscles, to cartilage and bone can be 3D replicated to deliver an assembly of interwoven anatomical structures – just like in our bodies.

Visit Our Shop for a list of models that are ready to be purchased. 

We are constantly adding new models to the list. However, if you’d like to produce a simulator with disease(s) not shown in the list, please feel free to contact us!

Bespoke Simulators

Bespoke Simulators to Suit Your Unique Quest

Healthcare is increasingly getting more patient-centric where medical solutions often need to be highly personalized. 

From assisting in patient consultation, medical education, to medical device development and demonstration, our solutions can be customized to meet your requirements. 

We are fortunate to have a team of experts in 3D designs who drew experience from various medical and non-medical sectors – rest assured that the customized medical simulators from us to your hands are carefully crafted to solve your pain points. 

Technology as an Enabler

We Want to Work with You

We are a big fan of combined ideas and cutting-edge technologies to better healthcare solutions – because we believe in combined forces as a fundamental enabler for innovation. 

Increase the chances of being first to market and gain an advantageous position in the industry with what we (you and us) can bring to the table. 

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