Fabrication of Obturator with 3D Printed Maxilla and Teeth Replica

While dentistry itself is not a new industry, it is one of the fastest digital technology adopters which makes impossible procedures, possible.

Conventionally, the fabrication of an obturator is a complex and time-consuming task that requires a highly skilled maxillofacial prosthodontist and a dental laboratory technician.

But for complex cases such as a patient with a large oral cancer lesion, it would be difficult to fit the impression tray intra-orally as the lesion occludes the opening. Forceful fitting could bring on pain or even cause bleeding.

Improvement (material in magenta) on the simulator to simulate post-op condition.
Improvement (material in magenta) on the simulator to simulate post-op condition.

This led to Dr. Tan Kian Meng from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital in reaching out to AuMed (previously known as Creatz3D Medical) to devise an alternative method using 3D printed patient-specific models.

A region of interest was extracted from the patient’s CT before 3D printing the model. The model was then further improved by Dr. Tan to simulate an ideal post-op condition in order to enable the fabrication of the obturator.

The obturator fabrication process was successful without needing to come in contact with the patient prior to the surgery, let alone that it was impossible to do so traditionally.

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