AuMed Goes Live with Online Store

Giving healthcare training a boost with realistic bespoke medical simulators

Singapore, 20th October 2020

AuMed, a new bespoke medical simulator company based in Singapore, has announced the launch of their online store – that offers a range of models for healthcare professionals to better overcome surgical planning and training challenges.

“We’re proud to be offering high-fidelity simulators to better support our customers in medical education, research and development, and medical device demonstrations,” said Sean Looi, AuMed’s General Manager. “Off-the-shelf models are typically generic and lacking of details. Users are looking for models that show specific conditions or offer tactile feedback to replicate scenarios as realistically as possible. Our models are derived from DICOM and include features that off-the-shelf models lack. Modularization can also be applied to designs for reduced costs in the long run, space saving, or reflection of different conditions. Customization is available upon request.”

Screenshot of the AuMed Online Shop.
Screenshot of the AuMed Online Shop.

Originally operating as a division within Creatz3D, a leading Singapore-based 3D printing solutions provider, a rebranding exercise saw AuMed being conceived in 2019 with a long-term goal of being closer to the medical industry and better serve the community with dedicated simulators.

Constantly working to push boundaries for better outcomes, this COVID-hit year led to an application that AuMed partook with a major local health organization. “We were asked to come out with a Respiratory Swab Collection Training Simulator to aid in the training of swabbers,” said Catherine Chia, AuMed’s Senior Biomedical Engineer. “Despite the tight deadline given to us, we were able to produce the simulators on time, allowing them to be used in the scheduled trainings. The trainers liked them. And very quickly, the media and journals picked up on the effort.”

Respiratory Swab Collection Training Simulator

Besides the sale of the Respiratory Swab Collection Training Simulators, AuMed also offers:

  • Heart Series: Models can simulate everything from soft tissue and muscles, and are pathology-specific to accommodate a more realistic way of learning.
  • ENT Series: Only Ear models are available at the moment. They come with replaceable and inexpensive simulated eardrums which enable effective Myringoplasty procedural training.

Users who register for the website will also have exclusive access to featured case studies and resources that AuMed has done over the past few years, and marks the first phase of the company’s efforts to reach out to customers in Singapore and beyond.

As the world continues to grapple with immense challenges and uncertainties in this COVID-19 year and possibly for a while, AuMed stands by ready to support organizations in providing high-fidelity models to provide a more effective and targeted learning experience. 

About AuMed: Based in Singapore, AuMed provides advanced medical models and simulators with cutting-edge realism for pre-surgical planning, medical device demonstrations, or educational training. Having completed over 80 applications in the past 5 years to date, AuMed is dedicated to making patients’ lives better.


Sean Looi
General Manager
+65 9423 4321